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Royal fans buzz over Princess Charlotte's striking resemblance to ... her dad!

See the side-by-side comparison of the 3-year-old royal to a younger Prince William.
/ Source: TODAY

Like father ... like daughter?

Royal watchers have taken note about how much 3-year-old Princess Charlotte looks more like her father, Prince William, as she gets older.

Prince William
Prince William, back in 1992, and his daughter, Princess Charlotte, last week.Getty Images

But one fan with a keen eye — and memory — dug up an old photo of William from childhood and remarked at the striking resemblance to a picture taken last week when Charlotte was a bridesmaid at the wedding of her father’s cousin, Princess Eugenie.

Princess Charlotte
Prince William with his daughter, Charlotte, during their 2016 visit to Canada.Chris Jackson / Getty Images

The person posted a side-by-side split of William and his daughter and noted Charlotte also bore a likeness to her grandmother, the late Princess Diana.

“Look at this and tell me they don’t look alike (to me),” the post read.

“Ever since she was little Charlotte has had the “Diana Smirk” which William obviously got from Diana and Charlotte got from her daddy! She is definitely daddy’s little lookalike and daddy’s little girl!”

Charlotte’s looks have been compared constantly to those before her. For the most part, people have commented about her resemblance to the queen.

“She is the spitting image of her great grandmother,” said one on Instagram.

Of course, comparing royals and their progeny is an age-old game.

Several years ago, a royal photographer for Getty Images spotted an old magazine cover featuring Prince Philip during his sailor days.

The picture sported an uncanny resemblance to another ginger: his grandson, Prince Harry.

The photo was from the 1957 issue of Paris Match magazine. See the similarities for yourself!

1957 photo of royal relative looks like Prince Harry
chrisjacksongetty/Instagram, Getty Images