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See how Prince William and Duchess Kate spent the 2nd day of their Paris trip

It was a whirlwind tour of Paris for the royal couple, including a perfect photo op not far from the Eiffel Tower.
/ Source: TODAY

How does one do Paris like a British royal? Well, one can't — not really. Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge made a two-day visit that included several official engagements and appearances, as well as stunning photo ops that most of us could only dream of getting.

But can we live vicariously through the latest evidence of their perfection? Sure we can!

One of the best snaps of the royal couple on Saturday, the second day of their visit, came from the Musée d'Orsay, where, in addition to admiring the Impressionist Gallery, they managed to nail the perfect silhouette photo.

Forget daylight saving time — this striking photo is this month's biggest clock-related news.SC Pool - Corbis / Corbis via Getty Images

Of course, it wasn't all posing — this visit was educational! Later this year, a number of works from the Musée will be exhibited at the Tate Britain in London. Now, the duke and duchess have the inside scoop on their history and significance.

Later on, at the Trocadéro, the duke and duchess took in the iconic sight of the Eiffel Tower ...

It's tough to say which part of this picture is more iconic.Pool / Getty Images

... before playing some rugby with the locals! Kate fell right in step with a group of French children practicing drills in the park, all without putting a single crease in her chic Chanel outfit.

We knew the duchess was athletic, but this is exceptionally impressive.Chesnot / Getty Images
Can we be in this club too? Pretty please?Chesnot / Getty Images
Even when on an official tour, the royals are never too busy to spend some time hanging with the locals.Chesnot / Getty Images

The two then attended a Wales vs. France rugby match at the Stade de France — the duke's first since becoming patron of the Welsh Rugby Union.

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The duke and duchess began their day on a more serious note. The two paid a visit to Les Invalides — which, according to the Kensington Palace Twitter account, was created in 1670 by King Louis XIV to care for veterans and those injured while fighting for France. Now, the site also supports victims of the recent attacks in Nice and at Paris' Bataclan venue.

Both Kevin and Jessica were wounded during the recent attacks, and have been receiving vital treatment at the hospital.Pool / Getty Images

The duke and duchess spent some time learning about the hospital's history, before interacting with some of the victims who have benefited from its programs.

It was the pair's first official trip to Paris, the city where Prince William's mother, Princess Diana, died nearly 20 years ago in a car crash.