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By Scott Stump

Prince Harry has finally arrived in Antarctica to begin his trek with wounded servicemen and women.

The team’s flight to the military base in Novo, Antarctica, was delayed by two days due to poor weather conditions, the royal spokesperson for Harry had announced Monday. The royal and his team stayed in Cape Town, South Africa, until the weather improved. 

Prince Harry, 29, is part of one of three teams that left London this past weekend for a 200-mile race across the Antarctic Plateau to raise awareness for Walking with the Wounded, which helps those injured in military service. His teammates are made up mainly of American and British military veterans injured in combat. They spent Monday in Cape Town receiving a safety and logistical briefing to prepare them for Antarctica. 

Prince Harry poses for pictures with members of Team UK taking part in the Walking With The Wounded Charity trek.CARL COURT / Today

Harry, an army pilot who has served multiple tours in Afghanistan, is the celebrity ambassador for the United Kingdom, while “True Blood’’ star Alexander Skarsgard is the ambassador on the U.S. team, and English actor Dominic West from “The Wire’’ is with the British Commonwealth team.

Britain's Prince Harry leaves his tent during a September cold chamber training exercise for his South Pole expedition with wounded soldiers. DARREN STAPLES / Today

The group met with Queen Elizabeth last week before embarking on their journey to the South Pole. They will face temperatures as low as 50 degrees below zero with 50 mile-an-hour winds when they get to Antartica, so this is their final chance to soak up some warm weather before they deal with the harsh conditions. The expedition begins Nov. 30 with the goal of reaching the South Pole by Dec. 16. To help acclimate himself to what he will face, Prince Harry spent the night in a giant freezer in September.