Prince Charles, adorably, does hokey pokey with disabled kids

Chris Jackson / Today
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, takes part in the Hokey Pokey with children at a school he visited Nov. 16 during his visit to Sri Lanka.
Chris Jackson / Today

You put your royal left leg in, you put your royal leg out. And if Prince Charles suggests it, you definitely shake it all about it.

The Prince of Wales, who turned 65 last week, showed off his Hokey Pokey skills while visiting a classroom of physically and developmentally disabled students in Sri Lanka. 

He sang and demonstrated his dance moves after spontaneously joining the classroom during a music lesson.

Prince Charles has played up his dancing prowess in the past, boasting that his children inherited their sense of rhythm from him.

Watch a video of his moves here.

Prince Charles visited the school as part of an 11-day tour he and wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, made through India and Sri Lanka. The prince was representing Queen Elizabeth during the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

Chris Jackson / Today
The Prince of Wales takes part in arts and crafts with disabled children as he visits the MEDCAFEP Day School in Sri Lanka.