Man tells president not to touch his girlfriend and Obama plays it wonderfully cool

President Barack Obama was just trying to get in his early vote for the midterm elections Monday when he played it smooth after finding himself in the cross-hairs of a wise-cracking, jealous boyfriend.

"Mr. President, don't touch my girlfriend now,'' Chicago man Mike Jones said as the president voted alongside Jones' fiancee, Aia Cooper. 

Without even looking up from the voting machine, the president played it cool as a mortified Cooper shook her head at Jones. 

"I really wasn't planning on it,'' Obama said as Cooper apologized for Jones. "Now there's an example of a brother just embarrassing you for no reason, just for no reason whatsoever." 

Obama then joked that when Cooper talked to her friends afterward she would be saying, "I can't believe Mike, he is such a fool. I was just mortified." 

To top it off, Obama gave Cooper a hug and a quick kiss after voting. 

"Now he's really jealous,'' he said. 

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