George W. Bush reports for jury duty in Dallas, delights other potential jurors

/ Source: TODAY

Yup, even presidents get summoned to jury duty. And this one actually showed up.

"President Bush received his jury summons and reported for service this morning at the George Allen Courts Building in Dallas," Freddy Ford, Bush's communications director, said in a statement.

He then spent several hours at the courthouse with other potential jurors, reportedly cracking jokes and chatting. But, unsurprisingly, he didn't get picked to sit on the jury, since his presence was likely deemed a bit too distracting.

According to Dallas resident Sheri Coleman, who spoke with the Dallas Morning News, Bush's visit was "awesome," and the former prez was "personable, very friendly, just 'Hey, I'm here to serve.'" Bush was also said to be very agreeable when asked to get in photos with bailiffs, interns, clerks, and just about anyone who asked him.

He may no longer be the leader of the free world, but Bush is hardly out of the national conversation. His paintings of other world leaders have spurred plenty of comment, particularly when he unveiled 24 of them for the first time April 4, 2014, on TODAY.

Besides, his brother, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, is a now a Republican presidential candidate and will participate in the first GOP debate in the 2016 race on Thursday.