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Prepare your pooch for the dog days of summer

Taking Fido on the road? Stock up on this gear for the trip ahead.
/ Source: TODAY

If you plan on traveling with the family pet this summer, there are a few things you'll need to make their life — and yours — a whole lot easier! Wendy Diamond, editor of Animal Fair magazine, shares some of the best products for your furry friend.

Nutri-Vet Sun Defense for Dogs, $7.99Protects your dog from overexposure to the harmful effects of the sun and helps defend against future skin cancer. Sunscreen contains UVA and UVB barrier comparable to SPF 15 and is fragrance-free and non-staining. To use: apply where hair is thin and skin lacks pigment (nose, ears and sensitive areas), every day your dog is outside.

Airline Travel Kit, $2.99Everything required by the airlines to transport your pet in a kennel: safety stickers, plastic food and water cups and a disposable floor liner.

Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowl, $14.99Reduce water spills, while still providing your pet water when traveling. Patented design prevents splashes and spills. Even if your pet knocks the container upside down, the entire contents will not spill out. Fills by removing blue bowl. Durable plastic container holds up to 3 quarts (2.84 L) of water.

Outward Hound Designer Port-A-Bowl, $5.99The portable bowl you can take everywhere. The collapsible, portable travel bowl can be filled with food or water. Great for when your pet accompanies you on travels. Available in pink, blue or khaki.

Doggles K9 Optix Sunglasses for Dogs, $16.99Just like humans, dogs benefit from eye protection, whether it’s from wind and debris or protection from UV light. These fashion-forward sunglasses have pink lenses with a tiny gem-studded heart shape on the left lens. Plastic lenses provide 100% UV blocking protection and are shatterproof. Sunglasses secure with included adjustable, elastic band. Also comes with an elastic head strap to use to stabilize glasses, if needed.

Medi+Pet First Aid Kits, $26.99-34.99Medi+Pet is a high quality, animal first aid kit in a convenient, waterproof canvas case. Standard kit includes first-aid lotion, stretch bandage, gauze pads, antibiotic ointment, eye wash and more. Deluxe kit includes all of the items in the standard kit along with an instant cold pack, emergency blanket, magnifying glass, iodine prep solution and more. Both kits include a 10-page treatment booklet with helpful hints and first aid procedures.

Outward Hound Cool-It Cooling Bandana, $4.99-7.99A stylish way to keep your pet cool. Completely soak entire bandana in water for 15-30 minutes. The bandana will swell as it absorbs water to keep your pet cool for hours. To extend cooling time, soak bandana and refrigerate before using. Made with non-toxic polymer crystals that can absorb up to 30 times their weight and stay cool for several hours. Has adjustable, Velcro fastener.

Outward Hound Pet Lookout Car Booster Seat, $39.99This practical car booster seat is the ultimate solution to safely satisfy a dog's natural urge to look out the window while driving in automobiles. Attaches in seconds to the passenger seat of most automobiles for a safe and comfortable ride for small dogs. Features adjustable straps that attach to the car seat headrest and around the seat — allows for height adjustment, too.

Paw Tectors Dog Paw Protection, $21.99-23.99Keep your pet's paws safe from the elements. Paw Tectors are waterproof, non-skid, and will protect your pet's paws from snow, ice and hot pavement. Easy on and off, with strong Velcro straps that adjust to fit just right. Soft fleece interior to cushion the paw, protects recovering wounds, eliminates licking of irritated paws, and protects against mud, burrs and thorns. Sold in sets of 4. To determine the size your dog needs, measure across the width of your dog's front paw while dog is standing.

Coolaroo Pet Beds, $19.99-29.99Constructed of all-weather knitted fabric, the breathable material in this bed increases the flow of cooler air underneath to help your pet beat the heat during the hot summer months. Your dog or cat will love this hammock-style pet bed that's raised approximately 7 inches from the ground. Material is resistant to flea and insect infestation as well as to mold and mildew and comes with a five-year warranty. Clean up and maintenance couldn't be easier, simply brush away the pet hair and other dirt and then rinse with a garden hose and allow it to air dry.

Outward Hound Excursion Dog Backpack, $19.99-39.99Sporting adjustable straps and zippered pockets, this backpack enables pets to carry their own gear in style. Made of lightweight, durable nylon fabric, the pack helps lessen the load of the dog. Available in PetSmart stores and online in July.

Outward Hound Designer II Life Jacket, $15.99-29.99Lightweight and comfortable, this colorful jacket is secured by Velcro and adjustable, locking straps. Other safety features include reflective striping and a sturdy handle. Available in PetSmart stores and online in July.