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Powerball jackpot climbs to $638 million. What to know ahead of Sept. 18 drawing

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/ Source: TODAY

Powerball is yet again drawing numbers to see who has that magic six.

The 26th consecutive drawing for a grand prize winner of the now-10th largest jackpot in Powerball history will be on Monday, Sept. 18, the organization said in a press release.

Should a person’s ticket have all six numbers, a one in 292.2 million odds, they’ll receive an estimated $638 million jackpot. "The jackpot has a cash value of $304.2 million," Powerball said.

The prize is the third largest of this year and comes after some big wins: $1.08 billion won in California in July, $754.6 million won in Washington in February, $162.6 million won in Virginia in March and $252.6 million in Ohio in April.

The $638 million grand prize in Monday's drawing may still be up for grabs, but the last drawing on Saturday, Sept. 16 did see some wins.

"The Saturday drawing produced more than 1.2 million winning tickets across the country, including two tickets sold in Arizona and Washington that matched all five white balls to win $1 million prizes," Powerball said. "Other big wins from Saturday night include 63 tickets that won $50,000 prizes and ten tickets that won $100,000 prizes."

As always, should someone win the jackpot Monday night, they have the option to choose a lump sum or an annuitized payment. Before taxes, the annuitized prize is worth an estimated $638 million and the lump sum is worth $304.2 million.

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