Keep the faith, baby! See Pope Francis' sweet, amused reaction to infant pope

/ Source: TODAY

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And for one little baby dressed up like the pope, it also scored her a kiss and blessing from the real thing.

Quinn Madden couldn’t help but catch the attention of Pope Francis as the he made his way down a Philadelphia parade route over the weekend in his popemobile.

The little baby girl, decked out in full papal regalia, including a ceremonial headdress, can be seen in a video being held up in the air by her mother as the pontiff approaches. Francis clearly laughs, even throwing his head back at one point, once he catches sight of the little mini-me.

The popemobile stops as one of the pontiff's security guards approaches Quinn's mother to pick up the baby and take her over to Pope Francis, who gives her a kiss and then shares a few words with the guard.

In a video capturing the exchange, the guard can be heard telling the parents as he returns Baby Quinn: “The pope says that you have a sense of humor."

Is nothing sacred??