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Matthew McConaughey isn’t ruling out a future political run: ‘Politics is so broken right now’

The Oscar winner left the door open for a future in politics after announcing last month that he would not run for governor of his home state of Texas in 2022.

Just because Matthew McConaughey decided not to run for governor of Texas in the 2022 election doesn't mean that he has ruled out a run at political office in the future.

"I’m not going to say no forever, absolutely not," the Oscar-winning actor told Hoda Kotb on TODAY Wednesday. "But this last year and a half, just considering that sacred position of running for governor of the state of Texas, it was a very conscientious and earnest year, and a process I’m so happy I went through because I became very aware of what matters to me, what I think is best for me and the most of amount of people at the same time."

McConaughey, 52, had openly flirted with running for governor of his home state for months before announcing in late November that he would not be pursuing office. Instead he said he would be focused on serving his community.

"It was a wonderful process, so I’m not going to say never," McConaughey said Wednesday. "Politics is a sacred spot that I have great honor for."

During a conversation with Sunday TODAY's Willie Geist, the actor expanded more on his decision not to run right now.

"My kids are thirteen, eleven and 8. ... They are active in the adventures we take," McConaughey said during an appearance on Willie's Sunday Sitdown. "If I did that, it would be a major sacrifice for myself, for them. Sacrifice comes with anything you want to do that’s ambitious. But, I just looked and said, ‘To me, politics is so broken right now. To talk about certain legislation and issues in politics is almost like waxing the car when the engine needs oil.' It’s like, 'No, no, no, we need to go in and fix the engine.'"

During his interview with Hoda, McConaughey said that the "most important thing" in his life right now is being a father and supporting his family, but he's not ruling out different kinds of leadership.

"I feel like I have some leadership qualities and thoughts to share that are not just good for me, but can be good for the most amount of people," he told Willie.

McConaughey, who once again lends his voice to koala bear Buster Moon in the animated sequel "Sing 2," looks to continue acting and writing, as well as investing in businesses that he believes can create positive change.

"I've thought a lot about it ... I'd like to spread some of these things I believe in that I think other people believe in," the actor said.

"I do know this. I love telling stories. We need a new story to tell. We need a new narrative," McConaughey continued. "It's not throwing away the old narrative, but America's a folk song. We need to get reacquainted with the original lyrics and we need to understand that we're still writing lyrics."

McConaughey previously addressed speculation that he was considering a run for governor in a TODAY interview in March with Al Roker.

“Look, it’s a very honorable consideration,” he said at the time. “So am I considering that? Sure, it’s a great thing and an honorable thing to be able to consider.”

“What I’ve gotta choose for myself is, I want to get into a leadership role in the next chapter of my life. Now, what role am I gonna be most useful in?” he added.

Republican incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott is seeking reelection for a third term in next year's Texas gubernatorial race.