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Policeman goes above the call of duty after aiding family whose car broke down

This officer is a great role model for one young boy who can't wait to grow up to be just like him.
/ Source: TODAY

After recently moving houses, Ashley Hogg came across a letter a police officer sent her three children back in 2013.

The officer had come to check on them after their car broke down on the way to a farm show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, from their home in Lancaster. He refused to leave until the tow truck arrived, which ended up being over an hour.

While Hogg made phone calls to get a ride from a friend, her husband, Dustin, checked out the car and their kids, now ages 8, 7 and 3, sat there feeling antsy and disappointed that they had to miss the show.

Courtesy of Ashley Hogg

That’s when the officer started entertaining them with stories and even put badge tattoos on them.

“He really made the time go by so much faster,” Hogg told “He was so gracious and friendly.”

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A couple weeks later, they received a letter in the mail from the officer, enclosed with two official Pennsylvania State Police badges.

Courtesy of Ashley Hogg

“I noticed that Jake wanted to put his tattoo on his arm so I figured I would send a couple of our patches for him and Madison. Hopefully they can wear the rest of the uniform when they get old enough," the letter read.

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This made them both so excited, especially Jake, who can’t wait to be a police officer when he grows up. He has a police officer Halloween costume that he wears all year round.

Courtesy of Ashley Hogg

“He now proudly wears it with the badge pinned to it,” Hogg said.

When the badge isn’t on the costume, it’s pinned to his jacket. He and Madison both pinned it to their jackets, that way when they grow out of it, it will be easy to pin it to their next one.

They never got a chance to thank him, so Hogg figured she'd post the letter to show the Reddit community his sweet gesture.

"I thought he deserved recognition for going above and beyond," Hogg said. "It was a really cool thing of him to do."