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Police stop family transporting gigantic Christmas tree on top of a minivan

A Massachusetts police department posted a photo of an enormous Christmas tree being transported on a minivan to remind everyone to be safe over the holidays.
/ Source: TODAY

Clark Griswold would be proud.

A family was stopped by police on a Massachusetts highway while transporting a massive Christmas tree atop their minivan.

A Sudbury police officer stopped the vehicle on Nov. 24 and issued a warning to the driver, who was with his family, the police department said.

The officer also helped to better secure the tree, which presumably was headed to a home with very high ceilings.

ln a moment reminiscent of the Griswold family's massive tree in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," the department posted a photo of the van on its Facebook page to remind everyone to transport their trees responsibly.

"We just gave a warning in light of the holiday spirit," Sudbury Police Chief Scott Nix told TODAY. "Our intent is ensuring the safety of that vehicle and of other motorists without us squashing Christmas for the kids and the family."

It was unclear where the family got the enormous tree, Nix said. The tree was also marked with yellow tape to warn other motorists to give it some room.

A ticket can be given for impeded operation of a motor vehicle in that instance, but the Sudbury police just wanted to make sure it didn't cause an accident.

"We didn't want to add insult to injury,'' Nix said. "As long as everyone is safe."

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