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Police officer tackles suicidal man right before he tries to leap off bridge

A New Jersey police officer was captured on dashcam video making a life-saving tackle when a distraught man tried to leap off a bridge.
/ Source: TODAY

A quick-reacting New Jersey police officer is being credited with a life-saving tackle after stopping a suicidal man from leaping off a bridge.

Dashboard camera video captured the dramatic scene as Riverdale Sgt. Greg Bogert approached a distraught man at 11:30 a.m. on Monday after the police received reports of a person walking on the ledge of a bridge on Route 287.

When Bogert pulled his car up while the man was pacing near the ledge, he tried to calm him down by asking him some questions. The man bolted for the edge of the bridge, which has a 50-foot drop, as Bogert yelled "Don't do it!" Bogert leaped into action to tackle the man an instant before he reached the lip of the bridge.

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"A lot of people don't realize how fast things happen for us, so a lot of it was instinct and reaction, more than training," Bogert told NBC New York.

The man, who is being treated at a local hospital, was crying after being tackled, as Bogert tried to calm him down.

"There's a lot of good cops in New Jersey and I don't think they get credit," Bogert said. "And it's nice to see when people recognize it."

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