Police: Nigella Lawson won't face drug charges 

Matthew Lloyd / Today
Scotland Yard said it won't pursue charges against Nigella Lawson for admitted drug use in the past.

British authorities have decided against prosecuting Nigella Lawson for using cocaine and other illegal drugs, Scotland Yard announced.

A team of specialists made the decision based on the need for police “to be proportionate” and whether further action would be in the public interest, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. Prosecutors also were consulted before the decision, it said.

Lawson admitted in court last year to taking drugs a handful of times. During a trial against two former personal assistants, the celebrity cook said she used cocaine when her first husband was gravely ill. She said she used it again to help her cope when her marriage to ex-husband, Charles Saatchi, began to crumble.

Last month, a London jury acquitted the assistants, two Italian sisters who were sued by Saatchi on fraud charges. Saatchi said the women illegally spent nearly $1.1 million while they worked for him and his ex-wife, going on lavish spending sprees with the couple’s credit cards.