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This plumber picked the perfect truck logo to make himself stand out

What better way to advertise that you're a plumber who knows his business?
/ Source: TODAY

There's good advertising, and then there's pinpoint, accurate, epic advertising. And with a photo that's recently gone viral, one Canadian plumber has proved he's definitely got the latter.

Nick Huckson, owner of The Sault's Plumber based in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario, wanted to bring attention to his new business (the 25-year-old has only been open for six weeks). So he went to another local business, Classic Signs, Inc., and told them to make this unforgettable decal:

"When I put it on my truck, I wanted people to see the truck and remember my name," Huckson told TODAY. "I wanted to stand out from the crowd."

Or sit down from it, anyway.

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The Huckson family has a proud tradition of plumbing, and Nick is the latest member of the family to go through the pipeline. The company logo (featured on the back of the truck) is even a family legacy, dating from the 1960s when when his now-88-year-old grandfather was running the company.

How did Grandpa Huckson feel about the image? "He loves it," says Huckson. "He was giggling like a little schoolgirl first time he saw it. He was in tears."

The image went viral once it was featured on Reddit on Wednesday, and now Huckson is awash in Facebook likes and calls from as far away as London for jobs. "They think I'm this huge plumbing company, but I'm only one man with one truck," he says.

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So if that's the case ... does he have a backup vehicle for, say, dates?

"Well, my girlfriend has a vehicle," he noted. "But it's a good way to keep her from taking my truck!"

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