Pizza delivery guy caught on video eating toppings 

Wait, you said no pepperoni on your pizza, right?

In a video that has gone viral, a pizza delivery guy in Russia was caught on a surveillance tape helping himself to a customer's toppings in an elevator. He unzips the bag used to keep the pizzas warm, whips out the box and flips it open and starts eating.

He then folds up the box and pops it back into the bag like nothing happened after a long elevator ride. While the video is enough to have anyone freaked out and double-checking their pizza for signs of disturbance, Matt Lauer offered a competing theory on TODAY Tuesday.

"You could blame this guy as being creepy or you could say he looked down at the box and realized it was sausage and peppers and the people didn't order the sausage, so (he ate the topping so) they would get their pizza in a timely fashion,'' Lauer said. "He was actually performing a public service there.''

"You have a future as a defense lawyer,'' Savannah Guthrie cracked.