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These insane photos prove that it's really, really cold outside

From frozen pants to instant snow, some Americans are having fun with the polar vortex.
/ Source: TODAY

With temperatures reaching dangerous lows across the U.S. over the past several days, weather experts have been urging people to stay safe and out of the chill. But that doesn't mean the creative spirit has to freeze over, too!

Here's how some Americans, particularly in the frigid Midwest, are showing us on social media just how cold it really is out there.

There's even a "challenge" related to the cold: the frozen pants challenge, which also surfaced in late January.

Basically, you wet your clothing and race outside to "model" it before it freezes in place.

And plenty of people are adding to the snow already on the ground by making their own — see what happens when you throw boiling water in the air?

Note: If you do this at home, make sure the wind isn't going to blow it right back in your face!

And if all your clothes have been frozen and you have to get to work, consider canoe commuting:

Stay warm, stay safe, but always stay funny!

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