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Photo of man holding umbrella for strangers at Louisiana Target goes viral

A simple act of kindness from one Louisiana man is giving all of us a little slice of hope.
/ Source: TODAY

A simple act of kindness from one Louisiana man is giving all of us a little slice of hope.

James Varnado brought a smile to many faces in Kenner, Louisiana, when he began helping Target shoppers to their cars in the middle of a heavy rainstorm with his trusty umbrella.

Inside the store, another shopper, Deepak Saini, witnessed Varnado's good deed and captured the moment in a photo that later went viral on Facebook.

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"In that moment, it didn't matter that he was black and the woman in this picture was white. It was one human helping another," Saini wrote. "Kindness is something we all need to give to each other right now and let this man be an example."

In the photo, Varnado appears to be escorting one of many shoppers to their car despite the downpour, proving that not all heroes have capes — some have umbrellas.

Saini, a former reporter and anchor, told TODAY that he doesn't usually post anything related to politics on social media, but felt compelled to share James's act of kindness in light of the recent violence in Louisiana and Dallas.

"My heart was hurting," he said. "I was at Target last Sunday waiting out the torrential downpour. The gloomy weather was making me think of everything that was going on."

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Then, Saini looked up and noticed something that he says stuck with him for the rest of the week.

"I noticed this kind gentleman with a big smile on his face, drenched from head to toe, escorting women, mothers and kids to their cars, and helping them unload their groceries. Every time he returned, he said, "Who's next?' with a big smile on his face."

That's when his journalistic instincts told him that he needed to quickly capture the good heart on display before him, and share it on Facebook to show "that kindness is more important than fighting over race."

"We're becoming such a divided nation," Saini said. "There are bad people in every ethnic group, but I believe there are more good people across the board."

"Now more than ever, we need to heal, love each other, and show the world that we are as great as we want them to believe we are."

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Varnado later told NBC affiliate KFOR that he wasn't expecting to receive any recognition for the photo.

"I was just doing what I always do," he said, reminding us all that we can find even the smallest ways to lend a helping hand.