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Personal shark cages spotted on North Carolina shore, but are they real?

/ Source: TODAY

While a recent spate of shark attacks off the North Carolina coastline have left many wondering if it's really safe to go back in the water, one couple doesn't seem to be taking any chances.

Instead, they're taking their own shark cages into the water.

We apologize, this video has expired.

Yes, video shot at a North Carolina Outer Banks beach shows a man and woman entering the water while each holding up their own PVC shark cage. The clip also shows a lifeguard quickly putting an end to the stunt.

And make no mistake, it was a stunt.

The man in the video is Scott Bergman, and he and his wife were attempting to film a spoof.

“We went down there to film our spoof video, but it was the other people filming us and taking pictures of us that really caught the attention and really took off,” Bergman told WTVR.

Bergman calls his device a Block Jaw P-S-C One, and while the demo was a joke, he seems to think there's potential.

“The idea is that you would go in and put it down on the surface of the ocean so that you had protection on the bottom," he said of the contraption that, in theory, he would sell for $499.99.

"Protection" talk or not, the lifeguard in that video certainly isn't buying it.

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