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Perfect pose: Look great in wedding photos

From practicing your pose to wearing color, style expert and former host of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" reveals his top tips to looking your best on camera.
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Style expert Carson Kressley is starring in a new online how-to video series by Nikon, Look Good in Pictures. The former “Queer Eye” star and host of “How to Look Good Naked” shares helpful insights and gives practical advice on how to take a great photo. We asked Carson for his top tips on how you can look good in pictures.

Q: What do you think is the No.1 thing a woman can do to look great in photos?

A: Practice your posing. Tape your favorite photo of yourself to your mirror and try to mimic the pose from that picture each time you are in front of the mirror. There is a reason that celebrities use the same pose in each of their pictures. They practiced and learned the best poses for their figures and personalities!

Q: Is there any accessory or fashion item(s) one should avoid at all costs?

Any accessory that adds bulk to your look should be avoided when you are having a picture taken. For example, scarves and wraps are really trendy right now especially as the weather gets colder, but wearing one in a picture not only distracts people from your gorgeous face but also adds bulk around your neckline.

Q: What's your pet-peeve when it comes to women's makeup or hair style?

A: This is going to sound surprising coming from me, but don't over do it! On your wedding day especially, you should look like yourself, only better. Hair styles and makeup that make you look like someone else will look strange when you look back on your photos of that day — they shouldn't make you look like you are in the Witness Relocation Program!

Q: Is there a current style trend that you think looks good on all women?

A: Well I just j'adore color and I love that it is so prevalent right now. Color makes you look better and feel better!

Q: What can women do to be less photophobic and feel confident? How do you discover your "best side?"

Use your pictures! The only way to discover your best side is to look at pictures that you love and determine your favorite pose and position. Once you find your "best side" don't be afraid to use it. There is no shame in arranging yourself so your best face is forward. Plaster those favorite photos around your house, car, office to remind yourself that you can take a great photo and will if you try!

Q: What's a definitely a photo no-no?

A: A photo no-no is trying too hard and over thinking the pose in your pictures. If you just relax and be yourself, your pictures will be more natural and reflect the real you.