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Peanut butter fondue? 7 fun new foods

Love trying new things? How about a seaweed tonic or macaroni and cheese patties? Phil Lempert of highlights the latest in interesting foods that don't skimp on taste.
/ Source: TODAY

Love trying new things? Want something fun and exciting that doesn’t sacrifice taste? Phil Lempert of highlights the latest in interesting foods, desserts and drinks:

Signature Flan Coffee Flavor This Signature brand flan is made from condensed milk, evaporated milk, eggs, vanilla, coffee and caramel — that’s it! Yes, just one of these is 340 calories, 12g of fat and 47g of sugars, but it is so worth it. The texture is creamy and the caramel that is on the bottom, the flavor is exceptional. I just wish that it was a little less expensive; but it is an indulgence and not for every day. Retails for $2.99.

Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery Cashew Cream If you are looking for a nondairy ice-cream substitute you might want to try Blue Mountain Cashew Creamery Mango Cashew Cream. It actually is a base of agave, cashews and mango. It is creamy, not as much as you would find in Haagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s, but it is really quite good. This is also raw to ensure the digestive enzymes retain their potency. Cashews are also rich in monounsaturates — so it is the good fat — and it is vegan. Retails for $8-$9.

Snikiddy Baked Fries Classic Ketchup Flavor If you like potatoes and if you like ketchup, this is for you. Snikiddy’s all-natural, gluten- and wheat-free baked fries are a potato-and-cornmeal snack that is crispy and actually does taste like ketchup. While the name implies that the product is just for kids, do not be fooled — this has 50 percent less fat than typical potato chips, and a terrific crunch and mouthfeel. A perfect replacement for those greasy fries, too. Retails for $1.59.

Bradford Tonic One of the tastiest seaweed drinks I have ever tried. This flavor is called Irish Moss and Roots and, in addition to being sweetened with organic agave syrup, contains green tea, sarsaparilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, anis, cardamom and vanilla extract. It contains 28g of sugar per bottle, which clearly makes this 100 percent vegan drink tasty. While the label claims that this formula is a tonic that can nourish your body and mind, nowhere on the label are there any specifics. Retails for $3.69..

Happy Bites Mac and Cheese Patties I really do not like the idea of hiding veggies in other foods to get kids to eat them, but this one may be worth it. This “Mac and Cheese” patty is about the size of a small burger, 2 1/2 ounces each, and in addition to the pasta and cheese also contains cauliflower, chick peas and butternut squash. The aroma is 100 percent mac and cheese. I would like the texture of the pasta to be a little firmer, but overall it is a cute idea. It is certified organic and contains 38 percent of the RDA for protein for kids 1-3. One other issue: With just 3 patties in a box, don’t be surprised when you open it and see the box half empty. Retails for $4.49 for a box of 3.

Columbia Gorge’s Organic Meyer Ginger Lemonade I love lemonade and I was curious when I saw Columbia Gorge’s Meyer Ginger Lemonade. Now, I have had Meyer lemons and I have had ginger, but never had the thought of combining them. This product tastes great — there’s no question that it is thirst-quenching and satisfying. However, it is expensive for a product that contains 21 percent juice. One bottle will set you back 220 calories and 58g of carbs, although it will also give you 154mg of potassium and it is sweetened with agave syrup instead of sugar. Retails for $3.29.

Peter Pan Peanut Butter Fondue This is a hot new trend in the foodie world. Forget chocolate fountains or cheese fondues, and welcome in the peanut butter fondue. You'll need some cream cheese, brown sugar, fat-free milk, chocolate syrup and, of course, peanut butter... and voila... peanut butter fondue to dip your favorite foods into. Price varies.

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