Passenger's attack on Uber driver caught on dashboard camera

/ Source: Today

An Uber passenger is behind bars for assaulting his driver in an attack captured by a dashboard camera and posted on YouTube.

"He was grabbing my head and was trying to smash it against the window," said driver Edward Caban, who had a bad feeling about the trip from the moment he picked up his passenger in Newport Beach, California, on Friday night.

Caban said the passenger stepped inside his car and refused to put on a seat belt or give clear directions.

“He was very aggressive. He was swearing at me, he was fading in and out of consciousness" Caban said.

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Caban soon told the passenger to “get out of my car or I will call the police.”

That’s when the passenger, identified by police as Benjamin Golden, reached around the seat and began pummeling the driver. He also grabbed Caban's hair and repeatedly smashed his head into the window.

During the brutal assault, Caban somehow managed to grab his can of pepper spray.

“I turned around and emptied as much of that spray as I could into his face until he got out of the car," he said.

Police arrived minutes later and arrested Golden, who was vomiting from the pepper spray.

"I wanted to make sure he didn't get away,” Caban said. “I have lost so much money on people like him and I'm done dealing with it. They take the food right out of my mouth."

Uber said they have banned Golden from ever using their platform again. The company also offered to reimburse Caban for the cost of cleaning out the pepper spray from his vehicle.

For now, Caban says his days driving for Uber are over.