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Oops! Watch this golfer take his swing — and fall right in the water

/ Source: TODAY

We haven't heard someone laugh this hard since, well...Chewbacca Mom.

But when this golfer stood on the edge of a body of water to get the perfect shot, hilarity was inevitable. Maybe that's why his buddies gathered around, took out their phones and filmed the whole thing from start to finish.

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Uploaded by Tom Solomonson to his Instagram account, the funny video is captioned, "Mike Ferik, hole 15 Alta Vista CC. Placentia CA. Memorial Day 2016. #oops." Oops, indeed. In the clip, Ferik falls into the water and his friends laugh — or howl, rather — at his demise.

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Since the golfer isn't physically harmed, just soaked, we're thinking it's OK to laugh at this. Besides, it's clear from the video's 13,000 views (and counting!) that we're not the only ones enjoying it.