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Did Iron Man compete at the Olympics? Skeleton racer's helmet turns heads

Tony Stark would approve.
/ Source: TODAY

Iron Man just won an Olympic gold medal!

At least, that’s what it looked like when South Korean Olympian Yun Sung-bin, 23, slid into first place in the men’s skeleton competition.

Yun made history with his victory — he’s the first athlete outside of Europe or North America to medal in an Olympic sliding sport — but there’s almost as much buzz around his superhero-style helmet.

Image: Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics
Yun's Iron Man helmet had many fans doing a double take. Reuters

People on social media were pretty excited to see “Iron Man” win gold.

We’re sure Tony Stark would approve.

Skeleton racers can fly across the ice at more than 80 miles per hour, so a superhero-inspired helmet was the perfect choice for the extreme sport.

Yun wasn’t the only skeleton racer sporting an amazing helmet. Romanian racer Maria Marinela Mazilu had hers painted with what looks like a fanged clown. If the goal was to intimidate her competitors, mission accomplished!

Romanian Maria Marinela Mazilu went for what looks like a demented clown theme. Getty Images

Meanwhile, Barrett Martineau paid tribute to his home country, Canada, with a ferocious grizzly bear design.

Image: Skeleton - Winter Olympics Day 6
Barrett Martineau went for a grizzly bear theme. Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Japanese racer Hiroatsu Takahashi went for something more colorful and abstract.

Japanese racer Hiroatsu Takahashi had perhaps the most cheerful helmet of the bunch.Getty Images

Italian Joseph Luke Cecchini, on the other hand, gave a new meaning to "skeleton racing."

Image: Skeleton - Winter Olympics Day 7
Italian racer Joseph Luke Cecchini took "skeleton racing" literally.Getty Images

Ghanaian racer Akwasi Frimpong had one of the most detailed helmets of all: a painting of a rabbit trapped inside a tiger’s huge jaws.

Image: Skeleton - Winter Olympics Day 7
Ghanaian racer Akwasi Frimpong's detailed helmet art depicted a tiger's jaws devouring a rabbit. Matthias Hangst / Getty Images

Meanwhile, racer Kevin Boyer paid tribute to his native Canada with a traditional beaver design.

Image: Skeleton - Winter Olympics Day 7
Canadian Kevin Boyer went for a design inspired by the Haida nation, an indigenous group in Canada.Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

When it comes to flashy gear, these skeleton racers are giving figure skaters a run for their money!