The Olympic event Matt and Al will try out is...

Get ready for more Spandex! 

TODAY's Matt Lauer and Al Roker revealed Monday which Olympic event they'll test out Friday morning: the double luge.

"We've made it somewhat of a tradition to try a sport together, and usually it is a closely-guarded secret," Matt said. "This time, though, we're letting you in on it ahead of time, so if everyone's ready, here in Sochi, we will return to a classic TODAY show moment and give one of your favorite sports another go. That's right, we're going to be riding the double luge one more time — with a twist this time. I'm on top this time."

That's because, as Matt pointed out, last time Al was the pilot: "And you hit every conceivable wall."

"I was consistent," Al defended himself. readers voted the pair's "luge lunacy" adventure during Torino's 2006 Games as their favorite event our anchors attempted in the last 10 years.

"Is there a wall we didn't hit?" Matt joked after they went down the run. "I think I did a great job," Al said. "We're alive!"

Matt asked Al in 2006 if he'd do it again. "Absolutely," was his answer, while Matt seemed a bit more hesitant. They'll get the chance Friday! 

Leading up to their sequel run, Matt and Al will share part of their training on air. To get in shape, they also celebrated like Olympians on Monday at Sochi's Holland Heineken House (as Matt's wife is Dutch), and on Tuesday they'll learn how to dress like Olympians.

Can't wait to see what their outfits will look like? TODAY producer Jen Long tweeted out this cryptic hint: