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By Eun Kyung Kim

Ohio residents curse more than anyone else in the country, according to an analysis of customer service calls.

You have a f@*%$&!*# problem with that?


In addition to having potty mouths, people living in the Buckeye state also are less likely to mind their manners, ranking among the top five “least courteous” states in the nation, according to a study by mobile ad technology company Marchex.

The company examined more than 600,000 phone calls over a 12 month-period. Researchers looked at calls placed by consumers to businesses across 30 industries, including cable and satellite companies, auto dealerships and pest control centers. They then scanned for curse words and matched them to the state from where the calls were placed.

The results, released online in May, are going viral this week. 

Ohio ranked first among states where people were most likely to curse, swearing in one out of about every 150 phone conversations. Maryland came in second, followed by New Jersey, Louisiana and Illinois.

The state less likely to drop the f-bomb or some other curse word? Washington. People there cursed once in about every 300 conversations — or half as much as Ohioans. Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas and Virginia rounded out the top five of what Marchex dubbed the “goody two-shoes” category.

The company also aggregated data on the states most likely to say “please” and “thank you.” South Carolina came in first, followed by North Carolina, Maryland, Louisiana and Georgia. The least courteous states were Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee and Ohio.