NYPD Chief Bill Bratton on police tension: 'We're in a change moment'

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By Scott Stump

New York Police Commissioner Bill Bratton believes that Mayor Bill de Blasio has lost the trust of "some officers," telling TODAY's Matt Lauer the city finds itself in a "change moment."

Asked about the protests of officers who turned their backs on the mayor as he walked through a hospital on Saturday, Bratton said he doesn't "support that particular activity." The ambush murders of two New York City police officers is intensifying a rift between the mayor and members of the police force

"I don't think it was appropriate, particularly in that setting, but it's reflective of the anger of some of them,'' Bratton said.

More from Bratton: 

  • On the last time he can remember this much tension in New York City: "1970, when I first came into policing, my first ten years were around this type of tension. Who would've ever thought, déjà vu all over again that we would be back where we were 40 some-odd years ago? I think this one is a little different though in the sense that [there are] social media capabilities to spread the word constantly."
  • On whether the mayor has increased the threat against police officers through his words or actions: "I don't believe that at all. I've spent a lot of time with this man. I have received this year over $400 million outside of my normal budget to improve our training, to improve our facilities, to acquire technology."
  • On whether the mayor should give a speech to police or apologize: "I don't know that an apology is necessary. One of the things, a concern at the moment, is this issue is really starting to go down partisan lines Republican/Democrat. This is something that should be bringing us all together, not taking us apart." 

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