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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY Contributor
By Scott Stump

Daredevil Nik Wallenda will be taking a spin while 400 feet off the ground for his next death-defying stunt, and all the action will unfold live on TODAY.

On April 29, Wallenda, 36, will walk along the Orlando Eye, a 400-foot observation wheel in Florida set to open this spring, exclusively on TODAY. Unlike his previous public stunts, including one in which he walked blind-folded between two Chicago skyscrapers in November, he will not be able to use his balancing pole this time on what will be the largest observation wheel on the East Coast.

"That balancing pole really adds to the center of my gravity, and it buys me time,'' Wallenda said on TODAY Tuesday. "At the Grand Canyon I got hit with winds 52 miles per hour, and that pole, I'm able to adjust to that wind. I won't have that luxury here as I'm walking that Orlando Eye. It will all be up to me and my instincts to kick in immediately if that wheel perhaps moves sideways from a gust of wind or if I get hit with a gust of wind."

He also won't be able to control the pace of his walk because the Orlando Eye will be spinning, so it will be up to Wallenda to keep up because he will be unable to stop and get his balance.


Wallenda said he will be riding up in a capsule to the top and climbing down a ladder to the apex of the spinning wheel. From there, he will attempt a stunt that he cannot specifically train for because there is no way to replicate the wheel. Like his other stunts, there also will be no safety devices for the seventh-generation member of the famous Flying Wallendas family.

"My career is about inspiring people to do greater things,'' he said. "I hope that people pursue their dreams even if there are roadblocks...and live by those three words that my family has lived by for over 200 years, which are 'Never give up.'''

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