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Niagara Falls has frozen into an icy wonderland — see the stunning photos

Images of the famous landmark from the recent cold snap may make you want to slip into a hot bath.
/ Source: TODAY

It's so cold that even parts of Niagara Falls are frozen.

The famous landmark looks like Princess Elsa might break out in song or a terrifying White Walker might lurch out of the mist after subzero temperatures have turned it into an icy spectacle.

It's so cold Niagara Falls is frozen
No, this is not a screen grab from "Game of Thrones." Reuters
It's so cold Niagara Falls is frozen
An aerial photo taken over the American side shows water flowing around ice due to subzero temperatures. Reuters

Tourists and photographers have captured ghostly scenes of frozen portions around the falls, which roar down from heights as high as 176 feet.

It's so cold Niagara Falls is frozen
Ice and snow cover branches near the brink of the Horseshoe Falls, due to subzero temperatures in Niagara Falls. Reuters

The actual falls have not frozen solid or stopped flowing, University of Buffalo assistant professor Stuart M. Evans told The Buffalo News.

The mist coming off the water has frozen along with areas of slow-moving water, making the scene look like the planet Hoth from "Star Wars."

Despite the frigid temperatures, it would take a sustained arctic blast of weather to actually stop the falls from flowing.

"Even if it stays cold for a very long time, the falls are going to be extremely difficult to freeze," Evans said.