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Wedding site Zola addresses hack affecting users

The company is emphasizing that it's now safe to use its site.
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Zola issued a statement apologizing for an "incident that caused some of you added stress and concern." Stony Krissanto / Getty Images

After experiencing a cybersecurity attack over the weekend, the popular wedding planning website Zola has issued a statement to its users saying the site is once again safe to use.

"Taking care of our couples is our top priority and we want to sincerely apologize for an incident that caused some of you added stress and concern. We also want to share that the situation has been resolved and all customer issues will be rectified," the statement posted to the Zola website read.

Zola confirmed that its site and apps experienced an attack known as credential stuffing.

"This is when attackers take advantage of people who use the same email and passwords on multiple websites," the company explained. "These hackers likely gained access to those with exposed credentials on third party websites and used them to try to log in to Zola and take bad actions."

After detecting the attack, the Zola team reset all user passwords out of an abundance of caution.

After apologizing for the inconvenience, the company stated that it’s now safe to use its site.

"Couples who did experience irregular activity on their accounts can rest assured that any outstanding issues will be resolved and addressed," the statement continues.

Zola said it blocked all attempted fraudulent cash fund transfers and that the company was in the process of refunding all fraudulent purchases. In addition, it said, all bank and credit card information was not exposed and continues to be protected.

“Ultimately, fewer than 0.1% of all Zola couples were impacted. The majority of this attack was resolved by the forced password reset that was sent to all users,” the company stated.

In the wake of the attack, the statement said, the Zola customer service team is working to address all concerns, but the company cautioned that it might take some time to weed through all the customer inquiries it has received. In the meantime, it encouraged users to resume normal activities on the site.

"You and your guests can feel comfortable shopping on Zola moving forward. It is absolutely safe for guests to purchase registry gifts, respond to RSVPs, and interact with your wedding website and Zola as they normally would," the statement continued.