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This all-female biker club is changing the game for women who ride 

These cool chicks are redefining the idea of a biker club.

For members of the all-female biker club, Caramel Curves, riding motorcycles is about way more than having a need for speed.

The New Orleans motorcycle group is driven by sisterhood, strength and a dash of style, and its members are changing the game for women with similar passions.

Nakosha "Coco" Curry was initially inspired to form Caramel Curves after she'd been riding with a group of guys for quite some time.

"At first they used to leave me then before you know it, I was the leader of the pack," she told TODAY's Donna Farizan. "A couple of guys approached me about joining the club. I was like, nahhh. If I’m gonna have a club, I want (it to) be with all women! And I thought it would just be totally cool to pull up with a bunch of bad women."

The salon owner opted for the name Caramel Curves because it best described them as a group. "Caramel, because of our complexion. Curves, cuz we're curvy girls and we take curves on the bike better than the boys," Curry explained.

This is one amazing group of strong, stylish ladies!
This is one amazing group of strong, stylish ladies!caramelcurvesmc / Instagram

Caramel Curves members have a passion for fashion

When you think of the term "biker club," you probably picture leather jackets, vests and boots. And while these ladies sure do love leather, they take the term fashionista to a whole new level and love to rock heels, studs, sparkles and other bold fashions.

"You can’t come outside any kind of way when you're a Caramel Curve. Being a voluptuous woman and riding a bike is something totally different. So you got to bring it every time," group member Andrea “Hoodpriss” Shepherd said.

Singer Rihanna even enlisted the Caramel Curves to appear in her Savage X Fenty lingerie campaign.

"I never in a million years would have thought Rihanna would be calling me to put on lingerie. I never thought I put lingerie on on a bike. That was a new one!" Curry said. "But if 'RiRi' asks me I mean, how could you say no to that?"

The group is all about support and sisterhood

For members of the biker club, riding motorcycles is an invigorating release that helps them stay sane and feel strong.

"I’m a mom. I’m an aunt, I’m a sister. I’m all of these different things. I’m a businesswoman. And sometimes I just need to let go," group member Kimberly "Karma" Gilbert explained.

The group also provides a source of sisterhood for its members.

"When I first became a Curve, it wasn’t long after my dad and my brother died, kind of like back to back. This became my new best friend. And having those sisters, it just became my new life," Shepherd said.

What’s next for Caramel Curves?

If Curry has it her way, she'll get to create Caravel Curves chapters all across the country.

"That’s our goal, to have women everywhere burning rubber, poppin' wheelies, riding bikes and just having a good time, doing something that they never thought they could do," she said.

CLARIFICATION (April 4, 2022/11:15 a.m. ET): This article has been updated to reflect that Caramel Curves is a club.