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Towering carnival ride crashes to ground, injuring 16, in shocking video

The incident took place over the weekend at a traveling carnival in Punjab, India.
/ Source: TODAY

A scary scene at a traveling carnival in India was captured on video on Sept. 4.

In the clip verified by NBC News, a "drop tower" — the classic carnival ride that spins passengers around while moving up and down along a pole — malfunctions and crashes to the ground. Many of the passengers' seats appear to bounce from the force of the impact once they hit the ground. The drop was about 50 feet.

The carnival was in Mohali, Punjab, India, at the time of the incident. Mohali Deputy Superintendant of Police Harsimran Singh Bal confirmed to NBC News that the incident took place Sunday. He added that about 16 people were injured.

The traveling carnival has since been shut down, and officials are investigating whether operators had all of the required safety permits and inspections.