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Need new skis, luggage or perfume? Now is time to buy

Now is time to scope out winter clearance sales. If you're preparing to plant a garden or update your spring wardrobe, you'll never find a better selection
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In a month that can't quite decide if it's winter or spring, it should come as no surprise that bargains can be found tied to either season.

From winter's last stock to spring's colorful new merchandise, here are some tips on what to buy in March.China and flatwareMarch represents that sweet spot between Christmas, when people buy china and flatware for their holiday table or as gifts, and the wedding season, when these items show up on many a store wedding registry.

Take advantage of this market lull to snap up a bargain.

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Spring clothingMany merchants rush to clear out winter clothes after Christmas so they can get their spring collections on the floor while the snow is still piling up outside. By March, many of these clothes have spent a couple of months on the rack, and in order to move them, stores start offering discounts. Now is the time to find the best combination of selection and price breaks.

Those teasing days of early spring inspire plans for summer vacations, and luggage shops are clearing out old inventory to stock up on the latest new styles. Since a good bag can last for years, for non-fashionistas last year's bag at a handsome discount is just fine for their summer jaunts.

Frozen foodsMarch is National Frozen Foods Month. Look for coupons and special promotions and stock up your freezer with these easy-to-prepare meal options. This should tide northern U.S. residents over until locally grown produce begins to hit their shelves in April.

While the selection isn't as great this late in the season -- especially after the harsh winter much of the nation has experienced -- merchants will be clearing out what inventory remains. Look for great prices if you can find the style and size that suits you.

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Garden suppliesThe local greenhouse can't wait for those spring days when they are overflowing with eager gardeners, and they begin to build their stock early in anticipation. Look for sales on bulbs and seeds and cultivating tools; the selection will never be better.

Sports equipmentMarch is a great time to snatch up deals on winter sporting equipment, from downhill and cross-country skis and ice skates to hockey and football gear, and even sub-zero sleeping bags. Stores may also be clearing out hunting gear -- if you're in need of some camouflage clothing.

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Skiing passesDepending on where you live, the skiing season begins to wind down sometime in March. With it, many resorts begin to offer special deals on downhill fun. Look for bargain packages, including lodging. The higher the elevation or more northern the resort, the later in the calendar year will fall these price breaks.

PerfumeAfter Christmas and Valentine's Day, the next perfume-intensive holiday doesn't hit until May (Mother's Day). That lull means great savings for those looking for a new scent. Look for clearance sales as stores make room for new stock.