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Need a Halloween costume? Try these last minute ideas

If you've been too busy to come up with a costume, never fear! Elizabeth Mayhew, editor-in-chief of Woman's Day Magazine, suggests 5 easy to make looks.
/ Source: Woman's Day

Look #1: Crab

Materials: Scissors, Red pipe cleaner, Hot-glue gun and glue sticks, Red hooded sweatshirt, 2 black buttons, Tape measure, Red gloves or mittens, Pencil, Red pants or leggings, Red shoes and Felt: red, white, pink,


1) Cut a small square of red felt; center red pipe cleaner on top and hot-glue on. Line same side of felt with hot-glue and affix to center front of hood so pipe cleaner ends extend to the sides; let dry. Pull ends upward into antennae. Hot-glue buttons a few inches apart on white felt; cut around buttons to make eyes. Hot-glue to ends of pipe cleaners; let dry.

2) Measure sweatshirt's chest area and cut dome shape from pink felt; cut in half crosswise and hot-glue halves on each side of zipper. Let dry.

3) Using glove as a guide, draw a claw freehand a little larger than the glove; cut out. Trace three times and cut out. Hot-glue one felt claw to each side of each glove; let dry. Dress child in sweatshirt, pants, shoes and gloves.

Look #2: Astronaut

Materials: White pants or sweats, Painter's tape, Scissors, White shirt, Newspaper, Silver spray paint, Furniture felt pads, Bicycle helmet, Rain boots, 2 oven mitts, Steel-wool pads, Gray or silver cloth belt, Tape measure, Disposable aluminum roasting pan, Duct tape, Aluminum tape


1) Line knees of pants with two stripes of painter's tape; affix stripes on pocket and arms, if desired.

2) In a well-ventilated area, on a newspaper-covered surface, spray furniture felt pads, helmet, boots and oven mitts silver. Let dry.

3) Stick furniture pads onto pocket stripes. Hot-glue steel-wool pads to belt. Measure length of roasting pan; add about 12 inches. Measure and cut four strips of duct tape. Tape two strips together, backsides facing, and tape the ends to the roasting pan as strap; repeat.

4) Wrap aluminum tape around oven mitts. Dress child in pants, shirt, belt, boots, helmet, pack and gloves.

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Look #3: Cupcake

Materials: Box cutter, Round plastic laundry basket, White suspenders, Scissors, 2 pairs adult-size white tights, Batting, Hot-glue gun and glue sticks, Multicolored straws, Tape measure, Wrapping paper, Red pipe cleaner, Red cap, White child-size tights, White shirt or sweatshirt, White or silver shoes


1) With the box cutter, cut off the bottom of the laundry basket. Attach suspenders to basket rim.

2) Cut legs off adult tights; stuff each leg with batting and knot open end. Hot-glue legs together, end to end; let dry. Line a few inches of the laundry basket rim with hot glue and affix end of tights strip; repeat until tights are glued around basket rim. Continue on top of first tight layer, working section by section and layer by layer. Cut straws into pieces and hot-glue to the layers; let dry.

3) Measure height and circumference of basket; triple the circumference. Measure and cut wrapping paper; fold accordion-style and hot-glue to basket, working one section at a time.

4) Hot-glue pipe cleaner end to top of red hat. Dress child in tights, shirt, shoes, cupcake costume and cherry hat.

Look #4: Empire State Building and King Kong

Materials: Scissors, Fake fur, Hot-glue gun and glue sticks, Black baby hoodie and leggings, Brown socks or animal paw booties, Brown felt, Box cutter or X-Acto knife, Three cardboard boxes (one very large that fits over your shoulders and ends at your mid-thigh; one medium that fits your head comfortably; one small), Tape measure, Masking tape, Newspaper, Paintbrush, Flat gray paint, Small plunger, Silver spray paint, Scissors, Aluminum tape, Black adult long-sleeve shirt and pants, Barbie doll (optional)


1) Cut two rounded 4" x 4" and two rounded 3" x 3" pieces of fake fur. Hot-glue the larger squares to the chest area of the baby hoodie; attach the smaller pieces just below, to the stomach area. Measure cuff of sock; cut two pieces of fake fur and hot-glue to socks. Let dry.

2) Cut two 3"-long semicircles from brown felt; pinch the flat side of each; glue the fold between your fingers. Let dry. Hot-glue bottom of ears onto sides of hoodie.

3) With box cutter or X-Acto knife, cut top flaps off large and medium boxes. Cut a hole in the bottom of the large box big enough for your head to fit through but small enough that the box rests on your shoulders. Place box over your head and estimate where holes for your arms should go by pushing out with your hand to make an indentation. Cut out.

4) While still standing in the large box, place the medium box over your head and estimate where the eye hole should be, again making an indentation with your hand. Measure rectangle; cut out. Hot-glue medium box on top of large box. Hot-glue small box on top of medium box.

5) With masking tape, cover all seams and corners where the boxes meet; line armholes with tape to make them more comfortable.

6) In a well-ventilated area, on a newspaper covered surface, paint the entire structure gray; let dry. Spray plunger silver; let dry.

7) Measure and cut strips of aluminum tape for the windows; affix to box. Glue plunger to top of box; let dry. Dress baby in hoodie, leggings and socks. Dress in black clothing, put on building costume and carry a Barbie doll, if desired.

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Look #5: Deviled Eggs & Chefs

Materials: Scissors, Red felt, Hot-glue gun and glue sticks, White hats, Serrated knife, Styrofoam floral ball or foam toy ball, Yellow jersey fabric, Long-sleeve white onesies, White tights and shoes


1) Cut four horn shapes freehand from red felt. Hot-glue to the front of the hats; let dry.

2) With the knife, cut the ball in half. Place the ball halves cut-side down and lay the fabric over them. Hot-glue fabric to halves a few inches at a time, folding and trimming excess fabric as needed. Let dry. (Alternatively, you can use a yellow ball and omit the fabric step.) Hot-glue balls to stomach area of onesies; let dry. Dress babies in tights, onesies, hats and shoes.