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Nancy Pelosi calls House intelligence chair Devin Nunes' behavior 'very bizarre'

The leading House Democrat said Rep. Devon Nunes needs to recuse himself from the investigation into possible White House ties with Russia.
/ Source: TODAY

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi described recent actions by the Republican chair of the House Intelligence committee as “bizarre," and said he should recuse himself from his panel’s investigation into the Trump administration’s ties to Russia.

“I’ve never seen behavior this bizarre on the part of the chairman,” Pelosi told TODAY about Rep. Devon Nunes, who was reportedly briefed by White House officials about inadvertent surveillance on President Trump but failed to share the information with other members of his House Intelligence Committee.

Asked whether she believed Nunes was part of a White House attempt to publicize the surveillance, Pelosi said: “Whether the president was aware or not is one thing, the Trump administration certainly was, and it is very bizarre.”

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Nunes' actions came under increasing scrutiny Thursday after Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, announced he was willing to testify before Congress about the investigation if he can be assured immunity from prosecution.

“We really have to take some steps back, and hope that in the administration there are some adults some place who can say this is not fair to the American people,” Pelosi said.

The New York Times reported Thursday that at least two White House officials were involved in giving Nunes access to intelligence reports that seemed to show that Trump and his associates were caught up in foreign surveillance efforts.

Nunes later discussed the findings with Trump, sparking criticism from Democrats and members of his own committee.

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Pelosi claimed Nunes was "duped" by White House into spinning the administration's message that Trump was wiretapped during the presidential campaign.

“He was duped. That’s the most innocent, most benign characterization, that he was duped, but he should have known better, when you’re the chairman of the committee,” she said.