N.C. retirement village residents hit 'the dab' to support the Panthers in the Super Bowl

/ Source: TODAY

There's no age limit on "dabbing" to support the Carolina Panthers.

Residents at Piedmont Crossing, a retirement village in Thomasville, North Carolina, gathered on Monday to show their support for the local team in the upcoming Super Bowl by doing "the dab" dance.

The "dab" move — which involves leaning into your elbow like you're sneezing — has become the signature celebration for Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton after first downs and touchdowns.

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It has swept across the sports and entertainment world as the Panthers plowed their away to a 15-1 regular-season record and now will shoot for their first Super Bowl title in franchise history.

Beth Rhodes, the activities coordinator at Piedmont Crossing, told TODAY.com she decided to get the residents involved in the craze to show their support for the team.

"The residents are loving the attention and are excited about celebrating a Panther victory at the Super Bowl,'' said Cline, adding that the men and women in the pic are between 83 and 99 years old.

The dance originated over the summer with rap group Migos and fellow Atlanta rapper Future, but the Piedmont Crossing residents learned about it like many others — by watching Newton and the Panthers.

“We are so excited about the Panthers being in the Super Bowl,'' Martha Johnson, one of the residents in the photo, told TODAY.com. "Once they win, everyone will be dabbing.”

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