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Real-life 'Love Actually' moment has everyone cheering for romantic ending

A movie-caliber moment at a British airport over the holiday weekend had people clamoring to find out what happened next.
/ Source: TODAY

A romantic moment at a British airport that felt like a real-life scene out of "Love Actually" had people clamoring to know how the whole story ended over the holiday weekend.

A man was spotted traveling to a terminal at Gatwick Airport on Christmas Eve while clutching a piece of mistletoe and staring wistfully. Fellow traveler Isobell Willman tweeted out a photo of the heartwarming scene.

"He had no luggage, just a bunch of mistletoe,'' Willman wrote before noting that a "Love Actually"-style scene may be about to play itself out.

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People then chimed in that they had to know what happened next.

The man rushed off the train before Willman could find out any more, leaving everyone in suspense over how the story ended.

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Did he hold the mistletoe up for a kiss with the one he has been pining for? Did he express his forbidden love to someone special?

Luckily, the "mistletoe man" himself provided the happy ending to let everyone know love actually is in the air this Christmas.

A man named Tim Brown identified himself as the mystery romantic, tweeting that he was late to meet his girlfriend and surprise her.

When he arrived, he gave her a sweet kiss under the mistletoe and reminded everyone that romance is alive and well during this holiday season.

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