Mystery of $100 bills stashed in stores solved: It's a radio promo

Pat Boyle, KXL / Today
Morning radio show hosts Jake Byron, Howie Drumond and Monica Lunsford of Oregon's 98.7 The Bull/KUPL show off $100 bills they plan to hide in groceries throughout the area as part of a station promotion.

Who is spreading love around the Pacific Northwest, $100 at a time?

Turns out a country music radio station in Oregon is the source of the windfall.

More than a dozen people have reported finding $100 bills tucked into their groceries – in egg cartons, ice cream cone containers, boxes of cookies and even a chocolate bar. The products were purchased from various grocery stores and at least one Walmart location throughout Oregon and southwest Washington.

On Wednesday, Portland radio station 98.7 The Bull (KUPL) cleared up the mystery by acknowledging it hid the greenbacks as part of an on-air promotion that started early last week.

“We wanted to give everyone a chance to win," Scott Mahalick, programming director for the station's owner, Alpha Broadcasting, said in a statement. "Having a live and local radio station with live on-air talent that live and work in our community means that we can be connected to our listeners on a personal and immediate level."

The station’s morning show hosts also took to a local Safeway store Wednesday morning to demonstrate how they have been secretly hiding the bills.

The cash contest will continue for at least another five weeks, the station said.