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Mr. T returns to 'solve the world's problems' on YouTube, Twitter, smartphones

In 1982, he was pounding -- and getting a pounding from -- the Italian Stallion in "Rocky III." From 1983-87, he was a proud member of the "A-Team," and a cultural phenomenon. Now, in 2013, Mr. T has entered the digital generation, with his own advice show on YouTube, and a smartphone app.

Pity the fool who doesn't keep up with Mr. T. 

"Ask Mr. T" only has one episode thus far, but there's plenty of promise and lots of attitude in his take-no-prisoners style, where he stands against a blank wall and answers submitted questions. This week: "The copier at work is broken again. What shall I do?" Partial answer: "Don't let no machine take you for a ride!"

Anyone can submit questions on the bouncer-turned-actor's new app, which is "reduced price for a limited time only fools!" according to the copy on the iTunes preview page. That low, low price? Just .99 cents. With the app, a person can T-ize their photos (adding chains, a feather and facial hair to an already-existing snapshot) and download other information about the man and the myth. (Mr. T promises, in his YouTube comments, that an iPad version is "coming soon suckas!"

There is of course a constant stream of jovial behavior over on Twitter thanks to @MrT -- where he's set up shop with comments, 140 characters at a time. "First Name 'Mr', middle name 'period', last name 'T' and don't you forget it fools!" is one sample tweet.

This isn't the first time Mr. T has taken to dispensing advice: In 1984 he hosted a motivational video called "Be Somebody ... or Be Somebody's Fool," where he spoke to children about how to deal with their problems ... and made an awesome music video called "Treat Your Mother Right (Treat Her Right)." And in 2006, he returned to TV with the TV Land reality show, "I Pity the Fool." So don't think he's an amateur at this.

Meanwhile, back on YouTube, the comments from the T-man himself say it all: "Mr. T is back to solve the world's problems and spread his wisdoms. Listen up fools!"

Now, that's good advice.

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