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Montel Williams busted for drug paraphernalia

The former talk show host, who has been a strong advocate for medical marijuana, paid a $484 citation after being stopped by TSA at Milkwaukee's airport Tuesday.
/ Source: E!online

Pot may help his multiple sclerosis, but it's also costing Montel Williams a pretty penny as well.

The former talk show host was busted for possession of drug paraphernalia after TSA agents found a marijuana pipe as he passed through security at Milkwaukee's airport Tuesday.

Williams, who has been a strong advocate for medical marijuana, noting its usefulness in treating symptoms of MS, subsequently paid a $484 citation and then continued on with his flight, according to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office.

A police spokesman tells E! News the pipe was discovered in his carry-on as he passed through a metal detector and the sometime actor and spokesperson for the Drug Policy Alliance was very cooperative throughout the incident.

An attorney for Williams was unavailable for comment.

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