Monkees star Davy Jones dies at 66

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By Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Singer Davy Jones of The Monkees has died of a heart attack at 66, the medical examiner's office in Martin County, Fla., has confirmed to NBC News.

A statement issued by the medical examiner's office says that Jones complained Wednesday morning that he wasn't feeling well and was having trouble breathing. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No suspicious circumstances surrounded his death, and his family has been notified. He is survived by his wife, Jessica, and four daughters.

The news was originally reported by TMZ.

Jones was most famous for his role in the pop group The Monkees, which was put together in 1965 for the TV show of the same name. With such hits as "Daydream Believer," "Last Train to Clarksville," "I'm a Believer," and "Pleasant Valley Sunday," and the "Monkees" theme song, the group sold more than 50 million records.

In 2008, Yahoo Music named Jones the top teen idol of all time.

After "The Monkees" disbanded in 1971, Jones sang solo as well as with various reincarnations of the group.

He also acted on stage and screen, with his most famous TV appearance as himself on "The Brady Bunch," in an episode where Marcia Brady was the president of his fan club and tried to get the singer to appear at her school dance. He also starred in "Oliver!" on Broadway.

Recently, he played himself on an episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants."

He released his final album in 2009.

As recently as June of 2011, Jones told The Palm Beach Post that after a routine stress test, a doctor said he had the heart of a 25-year-old. "The doctor says my heart's so good, the door's open to do any kind of exercise I want," he told the paper.

On Jones' Facebook page, fellow Monkees weighed in. "David's spirit and soul live well in my heart," wrote Michael Nesmith, "Among all the lovely people, who remember with me the good times, and the healing times."

And Micky Dolenz wrote, "Can't believe it ... still in shock ... had bad dreams all night long. My love and prayers go out to Davy's girls and family right now."

Last summer, Al Roker of TODAY interviewed Jones and fellow bandmates Peter Tork and Micky Dolenz as the band, minus Michael Nesmith, prepared to tour. That tour was later canceled due to internal conflict.

In that interview, Jones joked to Roker "(Fans) used to throw their little briefs and things like that, and now they're throwing Depends."

Jones also poked fun at himself in a way that now seems tragic. "He used to be a heartthrob," joked bandmate Peter Tork in the interview. "And now I'm a coronary," said Jones with a laugh.

Upon hearing of Jones' death, Roker tweeted, "A little bit of my youth just died." The TODAY anchor had joined Jones, Tork and Nesmith to perform "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer."

Other musicians and fans also took to Twitter to mourn Jones. "Damn, Davy Jones is gone," wrote Questlove of The Roots. "I loved The Monkees."

Best known as a member of The Monkees, the singer was also seen everywhere from "The Brady Bunch" to Broadway to "SpongeBob SquarePants."

British fan Daniel Parker wrote, "Just heard the sad, sad news. R.I.P. Davy Jones. You were the greatest daydream believer."

And writer Tony Parsons spoke for many fans when he tweeted, "Those of us who were kids with The Monkees loved you and never dreamed we were not meant to take you seriously."

'Daydream Believer'


'I'm a Believer'

'Pleasant Valley Sunday'


'Last Train to Clarksville'


'Monkees' theme song


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