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Momondo's new video 'The DNA Journey' has a beautiful message about diversity

A viral video from travel search site Momondo suggests we're all a lot more connected than we think we are.
/ Source: TODAY

We're all a lot more connected than we think we are.

That's the message behind a powerful new video called "The DNA Journey," from travel search engine Momondo.

Partnering with the company AncestryDNA, the site tested the DNA of 67 people to map their genetic ancestry.

The participants in the video, which has more than 5 million views, are actors and extras Momondo found through casting agencies, the company said in an email to TODAY.

But each one actually had their DNA tested and their reactions to their results were "spontaneous," the company said.

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The eye-opening video comes off a study commissioned by Momondo that found that 48 percent of responders believed that people "are less tolerant of other cultures today than five years ago."

"What could you possibly tell me that I don't know already?" asks a tough-looking Englishman named Jay, who admits he's not a fan of Germans.

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"The story of you is in that [DNA test] tube," Brad, an AncestryDNA rep, tells him.

"It's going to tell me that I'm English," Jay replied. "Like I've told you."

Not quite.

It turns out Jay is 55 percent Irish, 30 percent British and 5 percent German, with slivers of other nationalities thrown in.

Other participants had just as surprising results.

One woman replied to hers by saying, "I'm going to go a little far off right now, but this should be compulsory."

"There would be no such thing as extremism in the world if people knew their heritage," she says.