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Watch this adorable mom mistake her new iPhone for a bottle of perfume

Hey, they both come in boxes! A Twitter user shared a sweet video of her mother thinking her brand-new iPhone X was a box of perfume.
/ Source: TODAY

We all know moms are the best — and here's another reason why.

A Twitter user shared an adorable (and hilarious!) video of her mom opening up a very special Christmas present this week: a new iPhone.

But the mother, whose name wasn't identified in the viral clip, mistakenly thought the gift was a bottle of perfume, packaged in a white box.

"Ay! Perfume!" the mom says in the video, holding the box up to the camera with a big smile. "Thank you!"

"That's not perfume, Mom," her daughter is heard saying. "Look at it."

That's when the mother realizes that she's actually been gifted an iPhone X, the latest model of Apple's popular smartphone.

Our favorite part of the sweet video? That the mom seems just as excited by a new phone as she was when she thought she had gotten perfume. (Shout-out to all the moms who love homemade cards as much as pricey presents!)

Her daughter later posted an update on Twitter — another video of her mom, this time thanking everyone for making her go viral.

"My momma out here still being the purest," she wrote. "My heart is so full y'all."