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Mother of 3 dies protecting 2-month-old son in El Paso Walmart shooting

Jordan Anchondo was shopping for school supplies with her husband, Andre, and their 2-month-old son when the gunman attacked. Both parents died, but their baby boy survived.
/ Source: TODAY

Among the victims of the mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, on Saturday was a mother of three who, according to her family, died while shielding her 2-month-old baby from gunfire.

Jordan Anchondo and her husband, Andre, had brought their newborn son to the store to shop for school supplies for their daughter, Skylin, who turned 5 over the weekend. They never made it home.

"[Skylin is] asking for her mom and dad," Jordan's sister Leta Jamrowski told NBC News' Lester Holt.

When the gunfire erupted, both Jordan, 24, and Andre were shot. In all, 20 people were killed in the massacre at the Walmart at the Cielo Vista Mall, while 26 others were wounded.

Family members said they believed Jordan died protecting their 2-month-old son, Paul, who survived the attack with two fractures and some bruises.

Mom dies protecting her 2-month-old in El Paso shooting
Jordan Anchondo died protecting her 2-month-old son from a gunman who attacked a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, her family said. Courtesy of Elizabeth Terry

“We think he shielded her, she shielded the baby, and that's how he was able to survive,” Jordan’s father, Paul Jamrowski, told NBC News.

Leta Jamrowski wept as she spoke about her sister.

“She had a personality that could light up a room,” she said. “Everybody loved her. She was incredible mom. She'd give anything for those kids. Even her life.”

The alleged shooter appears to have purchased the gun used in the massacre legally. Authorities believed he posted a hate-filled essay on an extremist website just minutes before storming the Walmart.

The gunman is in police custody and and federal prosecutors are treating it as a case of domestic terrorism.

Kianna Long, who was shopping inside the store, didn’t realize what was happening at first.

Mom dies protecting her 2-month-old in El Paso shooting
Jordan's husband Andre (pictured with their son, Paul, who was born two months ago) was also killed in the attack. Courtesy of Elizabeth Terry

“I thought it was fireworks,” she told TODAY's Willie Geist on Sunday. She began to panic when she saw people running.

“Knowing that kids were in the store,” she said. “It was heartbreaking.”

Within 13 hours of the El Paso shooting, another nine were killed in Ohio, when a 24-year-old man wielding an assault-style weapon opened fire in a popular entertainment district in Dayton.