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Misshapen Cincinnati Christmas tree is the perfect depiction of 2020

The tree took to Twitter to defend itself.
The Christmas Tree at Fountain Square
The Christmas Tree at Fountain Square on Nov. 11, 2020.Cara Owsley/The Cincinnati Enquirer / Cara Owsley/The Cincinnati Enquirer
/ Source: TODAY

This year has been tough on everyone — even Christmas trees.

A picture of the Macy's holiday tree, set up in Cincinnati's Fountain Square on Saturday morning, shows the tree in a state of disarray: Many of the branches are still tied with twine, giving the tree the appearance of large patches and missing limbs.

A photo of the 65-foot-tall Norway spruce, captured by Cincinnati Enquirer director of photography Cara Owsley, went viral over the weekend.

Several compared it to the tree from "A Charlie Brown Christmas," joking that all it needed was a blue blanket and a single ornament.

Others joked that the tree was just as fed up with 2020 as the rest of the world.

On Facebook, Fountain Square officials poked fun at the tree.

"2020 has been a rough year for all of us, including our tree. Our team is hard at work making this 65’ Norway Spruce beautiful for the holiday season," they wrote. "Stay tuned for transformation photos as we get her fluffed up and beautified after her long drive into town."

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, the tree's final look was delayed because the "tree team" that typically frees and arranges the branches was smaller than usual this year.

The tree even put out its own statement through a Twitter account, @TreeFountain. A pinned Tweet on its profile page insists that the tree is "just doing the best (it) can in these trying times," and under Owsley's photo, the page insisted that the tree had just been missing some personal care sessions.

In another comment, the tree argued that it only looked so rough because it had just finished a long drive.

Since Saturday, it seems like the tree has gotten quite the upgrade: Many of its branches have been untied and "fluffed out," leading to a more polished look.

The Christmas Tree at Fountain Square
The Christmas tree had a fuller look on Nov. 11.Cara Owsley / The Cincinnati Enquirer?

"Feeling confused but grateful that 2020 isn't ending in yet another disaster!" joked one Twitter user.

Meanwhile, it turns out that some social media users favored the original, messier look.

One woman joked that the tree was "a hero," while another wanted to know whom to contact to "change it back."

Of course, the tree itself weighed in.

"Sometimes we just need a minute to gather ourselves," it said.