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The internet is loving Miss Nigeria's reaction to losing the Miss World crown

Her happy dance for Miss Jamaica is what friendship is all about!
/ Source: TODAY

Miss Nigeria didn't win the Miss World crown, but her giddy reaction when Miss Jamaica's name was announced as the pageant winner on Saturday is going viral as an example of how friends should support each other.

Three women remained on the stage waiting to find out who would be crowned Miss World: Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas; Miss Jamaica, Toni-Ann Singh; and Miss Brazil, Elis Coelho.

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When Singh was announced as the winner, no one seemed more excited than Douglas. Singh looked shocked at first, but Douglas didn't skip a beat.

She immediately started celebrating the big moment, did a happy dance and stomped her feet in joy. She then shouted her congratulations at the new Miss World and enveloped Singh and Coelho in one big group hug.

Fans on social media loved the show of support and remarked that we could all use a friend like Miss Nigeria.

"In 2020 when your friend starts a new business, podcast, therapy, anything that enhances their life. Be her Miss Nigeria," wrote one Twitter user.

Someone else wrote that "Miss Nigeria’s reaction to Miss Jamaica winning #MissWorld2019 is the only energy I’m accepting around me!"

Miss Nigeria began trending on Twitter after the big moment. In an Instagram Live video after the competition, Douglas said Singh was "amazing" and was also a big supporter of her fellow contestants.

"She would be the one who would be like, 'Listen, you've got this,'" Douglas explained.

While she finished in the top five of the competition, it was Douglas's genuine excitement and support for her competitor that made her a big winner.