'Miracle'? 'Chariots'? Name your favorite Olympic movie of all time

Unforgettable scenes from the movies "Cool Runnings," "Chariots of Fire" and "Miracle."

They feature inspiring journeys, fist-pumping moments —and Will Ferrell in spandex. 

Whether you're tearing up at "Chariots of Fire'' or smiling at the exploits of the Jamaican bobsled team in "Cool Runnings," the top Olympic movies can always get you in the spirit of the Games. With the Opening Ceremony in Sochi coming up Friday, here are some of the top Olympic-related films of all time. Let us know which one is your favorite in the vote below. 

Not too hard to wring emotion out of one of the biggest upsets in sports history, let alone Olympic history. Take an underdog group of U.S. college and amateur hockey players at the 1980 Winter Olympics, add a supposedly unbeatable Goliath from Russia, mix it with Kurt Russell as coach Herb Brooks, and you'll be pumping your fist and chanting, "U-S-A! U-S-A!" by the time broadcaster Al Michaels is done asking, "Do you believe in miracles?" 

"Cool Runnings"
The 1993 movie about the misadventures and triumph of the bobsled team from the tropical island of Jamaica making it to the 1988 Winter Olympics can't help but bring a smile. It also features a great comic performance from the late John Candy. Added bonus: The Jamaican bobsled team is making its return in Sochi after a 12-year hiatus. Even current team member Winston Watts says he still regularly watches this movie. 

"Chariots of Fire"
Just the theme music alone is iconic. Who hasn't run in slow motion and imagined crossing the finish line first while humming that music? The 1981 movie, which won four Oscars, still holds up. It's based on the story of a pair of athletes from the 1924 Olympics — Eric Liddell, a devout Christian from Scotland, and Harold Abrahams, an English Jew determined to overcome prejudice.

"Blades of Glory"
Will Ferrell and Jon Heder are dueling ice skaters who become a pairs skating team in a movie filled with feathered hair, ridiculous outfits and a boatload of one-liners. It technically is set at the World Championships and not the Olympics, but the film takes the theatricality of figure skating that captivates the world every four years and turns it up 10 notches. 

"The Cutting Edge"
Actor D.B. Sweeney did this 1992 movie with Moira Kelly about a hockey player and a figure skater recovering from Olympic disappointment to become a skating team pushing for gold. Do they fall in love? It's a romantic comedy from the 1990s: Of course they do. But that still doesn't mean it won't suck you in. 

This is the most serious movie of the group. Steven Spielberg's Oscar-nominated film tells the story of the Israeli plan to hunt down and kill the terrorists behind the attack at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich that resulted in the deaths of 11 Israeli athletes. 

"Without Limits"
Within the the span of two years, two movies were released about the life of University of Oregon distance-running star Steve Prefontaine. He died at age 24 in a car accident, cutting short a promising career after he competed in the 1972 Olympics. This film, which came out in 1997, stars Billy Crudup, while the 1998 movie called "Prefontaine" stars Jared Leto. Both do justice to Prefontaine's tragic story. And both feature the stars sporting '70s porn 'staches as Prefontaine. 

The TODAY anchors have delivered their decisions: Savannah went with 1992's "Cutting Edge," while Natalie's pick was the 1981 classic "Chariots of Fire." Jenna Bush Hager said she loves 1993's "Cool Runnings," and Dylan Dryer went with 2004's "Miracle."

But now they want to hear from you — which Olympic movie is your favorite? Vote in our poll and let us know!