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Mike Tyson posts his own epic hoverboard fail on Instagram

The boxer seemed to be faring well riding the two-wheeled toy, but his dismount needed work.
/ Source: TODAY

It took only 91 seconds for Mike Tyson to knock out Michael Spinks in June 1988, making him the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion.

But it took even less time recently for a hoverboard to put the champ down for the count.

Tyson posted a short video on Instagram of his trial and perhaps painful error Tuesday afternoon. In the video, after executing multiple 360-degree turns smoothly, he slows down and appears to be fine. But then he suddenly skids forward — and falls flat on his back.

Mike Tyson falling off of a hoverboard
Mike Tyson posted a video on Instagram of his falling off of a hoverboard after Christmas.Mike Tyson / Instagram

The video, which collected almost 90,000 likes as of early Tuesday evening, begins with an ominous warning off-camera: "Daddy," the voice says, "I don't want you to fall." (Apparently Tyson isn't the only dad who couldn't maintain his balance on the popular gadget this holiday season.)

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The caption to Tyson's video includes several hashtags, including "#knockout" and another that claims he's "too old for this [expletive]."

Earlier this month, hoverboards were banned by Amazon after reports of the toys catching fire spread like — well, you know. More recently, the Diocese of San Pablo in the Philippines suspended a priest who'd gone viral for riding one while participating in a Mass, Gizmodo reported.

There's no word on whether Tyson will schedule a rematch with his hoverboard in the future.

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