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MH370 passenger's partner talks about 'emotional pressure' of debris discovery

The girlfriend of one of the passengers of a Malaysian jet that went missing more than a year ago speaks about the discovery.
/ Source: TODAY

The discovery of an airplane fragment on an island in the Indian Ocean won’t be enough for loved ones still seeking specific answers about how missing Flight MH370 disappeared, said the girlfriend of one of the passengers.

“A part of a plane is not the same as a body, so I think true closure can only come for sure when you can say goodbye properly,” Sarah Bajc said Thursday on TODAY.

Bajc’s boyfriend, Philip Wood, was among the passengers on the missing plane.

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“For most of us, life has been stuck in March 8, so at least some verification that the flight did indeed crash would be a step forward in being able to say goodbye.”

Authorities view the large piece of metallic debris that washed up Wednesday as a "major lead" in the hunt for the missing jet. There were 239 people on board when the plane disappeared on March 8, 2014.

Bajc said the recent discovery has put her on “a bit of a roller coaster ride,” but one that has continued for more than 18 months.

“Until they can verify that it is indeed 370, we just can’t deal with the emotional pressure of trying to make any decisions about it,” she said.

Bajc said she hopes the debris will help investigators understand what happened to the jet and hold people accountable.

“I think we need to trace it back to the source of the parties responsible. The Malaysian government allowed this to happen,” she said.