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Meet the bride whose 5 bridesmaids are all pregnant

/ Source: TODAY

When Heather Lundgren got engaged, she had no doubt whom she would tap to be her bridesmaids.

She also knew that there might be one little hiccup.

As she explained in a recent Redbook essay, all of her bridesmaids — that’s right, all of five them — are pregnant and due within a month of her June 10 wedding day.

Heather poses for a quick photo during her bachelorette party! From left to right: Miranda, Lauren, Heather, Kari, AshleyCourtesy of Heather Lundgren

“Any one of them being pregnant isn’t a surprise because I knew a few of them were trying,” Lundgren, 30, told TODAY. “For all of them to be pregnant at the same time practically was a surprise.”

However, if anything, this hurdle has given these lucky ladies the chance to bond over a shared experience while helping a mutual friend.

Lundgren was initially concerned that it might be a hassle. For instance, dress fittings would have to accommodate the group's growing bellies.

Luckily, the ladies have not only kept her out of this potentially stressful aspect, they have succeeded in making her feel extra special.

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“It’s really cool to feel supported in that way when they’re going through a major life change themselves,” said Lundgren.

The women — Kari, Lauren, Ashley, Miranda and Laurel, who are all 29 or 30 — were especially accommodating during the bachelorette party.

Heather Lundgren poses with her fiance, Dan Hildebrandt, during their engagement shoot. Courtesy of Heather Lundgren

“They asked me what I wanted to do, and so my matron of honor (Kari) and I got our hair and makeup done just for fun,” Lundgren said.

“We rented an Airbnb in Stillwater, Minnesota, then went out to dinner and dancing. They all wore heels, which impressed me.”

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Two in the group will be cutting things close. Miranda's due date falls directly on the big day, while matron of honor Kari is due two days before.

It seems that Lundgren is just as excited about the new babies as her friends are excited about her big day.

"They’ve been so supportive and they’ve been there for me just as I’ve been there for them," she said. "If this is the one thing, I’ll just let that one go."